Crowdsourced shared parameters for Revit.

Exchange, manipulate, and export Revit model data easily with shared parameters that the industry builds as a community. Browse the OpenRFA Parameters

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Crowdsourced master shared parameters for Revit.

Deliver collaborated BIM data to your clients.

Today, every team creates their own shared parameters which creates divided data on any given project. A single set of parameters adopted across the building industry gets us one step closer to the goal of a single model. Learn more.

Shared parameter data for building owners.

A standard that the industry builds as a community.

Rather than a committee deciding on the standard, our community is empowered to decide what works best for us. The OpenRFA platform facilitates discussions and streamlines the process of proposing, approving and rejecting shared parameters.

Streamlined Workflows

Our platform streamlines the proposal, approval, and rejection process for new and existing parameters.

Facilitate Discussions

All questions, debates, and conversations are publicly shared online for posterity and full transparency.

Free Community

The OpenRFA web app does not require special software or add-ins and is free to use.

Multi-Language Support

Our database is built to allow for multiple languages and regional names while maintaining a single data set.

Better information, managed.

By standardizing shared parameters within Revit, you open up the capability for predictable queries and easier data manipulation through design, construction, and occupancy phases.

Help build OpenRFA from the ground up.

Share your experience with the OpenRFA community to help us define the standard.

Adopt OpenRFA

Download our parameters and implement them on your projects today.

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