OpenRFA is an initiative started by a group of Building Information Modeling (BIM) professionals who have identified a gap in how we currently share Revit data throughout the AECO industry. Without a single set of standardized share parameters, it makes it difficult to maintain a single set of data.

We may be using the "I" in BIM, but are we using it correctly?

Sharing shared parameters.

Using the same master shared parameters for Revit in the cloud (collaboration for Revit, C4R)

In today’s building industry, the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has increased exponentially. The “I” in BIM, however, is only being leveraged by the most experienced and innovative project teams. Even within those teams, data within a BIM model is not standardized which makes it difficult to transfer this valuable information to and from external organizations.

This information within a Revit model is data and shared parameters are the keys to this data. Unfortunately, the building industry’s leading organizations are not currently sharing these keys with one another, creating a multitude of extraneous and divided data sets. To bridge this gap, the industry as a whole must develop and adopt a standardized set of shared parameters.

We encourage collaboration.

OpenRFA is the first platform in which all organizations can truly share shared parameters. This set of parameters is moderated, and organized by the BIM community itself. Insight from all facets of the building industry is crucial because such a set of standardized shared parameters should work for the disciplines and trades in which they are intended for.

Collaborative Master Shared Parameters for Revit


All contributors have the ability to propose new parameters and discuss changes to current parameters. This is an important aspect of OpenRFA because it ensures true democracy. There is no single entity that decides on which parameters are included, however the moderation team is in place to maintain control of standardization and ensure there is no duplication of parameters.

If you are interested in contributing to the shared parameters, register as a contributor and start proposing suggestions immediately. As a community, all changes to the shared parameters are reviewed by other experts in the industry who can help vet contributor suggestions.

If you would like apply to become an OpenRFA moderator, send us a message

Introducing collaborative shared parameters.

Join OpenRFA to help build the new master shared parameters for Revit.