How It Works

OpenRFA may seem like a simple online forum/poll, however we are much more than that. This community is working to develop the world's first crowd-sourced set of shared parameters for Revit. To support this effort, each parameter has a life cycle of its own, allowing contributors to propose, approve, and reject parameters as needed.

The Life Cycle of Shared Parameter

For a detailed description of how the process of proposing, approving, and rejecting shared paramters, refer to the OpenRFA documentation.

The life cycle of a shared parameter in Revit.


Implement and Contribute

The success of any national standard relies on its adoption. OpenRFA needs BIM professionals like you to implement these standards to make this workflow a reality.


Download the current OpenRFA shared parameters definition file and save the text file somewhere on either your organization's network or save to your local hard drive. Point Revit to this shared parameters file.


Start building your Revit content library and BIM standards around these shared parameters. This will ensure that you are “synced” with the rest of the industry. For those of you who have a fully built content library and full set of standards, OpenRFA is scheduled to release a tool which will help in converting your current Revit families, schedules, and projects to the OpenRFA shared parameters.


If you are interested in contributing to the OpenRFA shared parameters, register as a contributor and start proposing suggestions immediately. As a community, all changes to the shared parameters are reviewed by other experts in the industry who can help vet contributor suggestions. If you would like apply to become an OpenRFA moderator, send us a message.

Introducing collaborative shared parameters.

Join OpenRFA to help build the new master shared parameters for Revit.