Achieving data collaboration with Revit models in the cloud.

After attending Autodesk University in 2016, I noticed a growing trend in the building industry: Cloud applications that encourage collaboration. The ability to share information in a “live” environment online creates a virtual big room, where the entire design and construction team is expected to work together rather than working in disconnected silos at different phases of the project. Working in this fashion allows project information to be instantly passed between multiple firms including architects, engineers, and contractors.

The value of standardized shared parameters.

In Revit, shared parameters are unique – each shared parameter has its own Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) assigned at time of creation. This means that just like a person, parameters can have the same name but never the same identity. A shared parameter’s GUID is like its fingerprint and if this fingerprint doesn’t match, Revit will classify the contents of this parameter independent of other parameters; even those with identical names.

OpenRFA has launched.

It has been about a month since went live and we already have over 70 users registered. As we continue to improve our web app, we hope that traction increases as users begin to spread the word about the collaborative shared parameters initiative. So, hats off to you, early adopters. Thank you for the support and please continue to spread the word!

Introducing collaborative shared parameters.

Join OpenRFA to help build the new master shared parameters for Revit.