Vote for the OpenRFA session at AU 2017

We thought we would go ahead and send in a proposal to see if there is any interest in learning about the problem we see in the current state of Revit and the vision that we have for a solution.

If you would like to vote for our session, head over to Search for "OpenRFA" to find our session and give us a thumbs up!


"The OpenRFA initiative aims to revolutionize how we currently share data within Revit models by implementing a standardized set of shared parameters. These proposed parameters are an ongoing collaborative effort by the entire AECO industry. Designers, manufacturers, contractors, and building owners all have the opportunity to propose, approve, and reject parameters as a community. Learn about about the problem with the current state of data within Revit and how we, as a community, can fix this problem."

Key Learnings

  • Identify the problem with how we share data within Revit models
  • The benefits of a standardized set of shared parameters
  • Use the OpenRFA platform to manage shared parameters
  • Implement the standardized set of parameters as a BIM standard


Introducing collaborative shared parameters.

Join OpenRFA to help build the new master shared parameters for Revit.