Parameter Sets

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Parameter Groups in Revit is extremely limiting. Each shared parameter can only be assigned to a single group and can lead to a difficult user experience when sifting through thousands of parameters when adding to models.

Our platform solves this problem by allowing the community to add parameters to Parameter Sets. This opens up infinite possibilities of organizing parameters because any given parameter can be assigned to multiple Parameter Sets. What this means is, the community now has an additional way to organize and filter shared parameters by one or more keywords. Once a parameter is assigned to a Parameter Set, users may download the filtered shared parameters based on any given tag.

Currently, only moderators have the ability to tag parameters to be added to Parameter Sets. Please contact us if you would like to add a tag to a set of parameters.

Some advantages of using Parameter Sets:

  • Using Parameter Sets allows us to break away from the limited 'Parameter Groups' in Revit and organize parameters into multiple subsets.
  • When adding shared parameters to models, the filtered list only contains a single group (e.g., "Data Centers").
  • Users can now have multiple shared parameter definition files (one per Parameter Set if so desired) which can be more user-friendly for sorting through hundreds of parameters.


For this example, we will use the shared parameters that are tagged with 'Data Centers'. Navigate to and click the blue Download button to retrieve the shared parameters definitions file.

Note that the text file that is downloaded has the tag name as a prefix: Data Centers - OpenRFA Shared Parameters.txt. Users should be aware of this prefixed filename because it informs the user that the text file is only a subset of the master shared parameters.

This filtered shared parameters list is more simple user experience to browse for parameters because it only contains a single group which is named after the Parameter Set.

Filtering master shared parameters in Revit.

Introducing collaborative shared parameters.

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