Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between "Actual" and "Design" parameters?

There are several parameters that begin with Actual and Design in their names. What is the intended use for each?

"Actual" parameters should be used to store data from calculated values from analytical tools or for bringing in operational data from a BMS system. For example, if we were looking at the airflow for a CRAC unit, the unit is designed to run at 10,000 CFM, but after calculating the load in an energy model its "Actual" airflow value might equal 6,300 CFM and would be stored in the ActualSupplyAirflow parameter. Another example is storing the trended data for the average or instantaneous value from the BMS.

"Design" parameters are intended to be used for designing systems. For example, you would add DesignSupplyAirflow in your families to annotate your views or size ductwork.

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